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Easy to Use
Cost Effective


Exio makes it easy for you to use the power of the internet to manage and share important clinical and administrative information.
Exio brings together into a single package the ability to:

Review, edit, electronically sign, and automatically distribute patient documents, at anytime and from any place maximizing both the convenience to you and your staff and the service you provide to others involved in the care of the patient.
Securely deliver and receive clinical, billing, and administrative records electronically helping you take care of your patients while improving claims processing and speeding payment turnaround.
Have documents instantly available whenever and wherever you need them saving you time, improving productivity, and eliminating the cost of misplaced or lost records.

Easy to Use

Just one click and documents are electronically signed, printed, and distributed via fax or securely over the internet.

Incorporates an intuitive, user-friendly interface into an ordinary web browser.

Automatic user notification anytime there are documents to review or secure information has been received.

Simplified administrative interface allows you to immediately add users to the system.
Cost Effective

Securely submit documents and information electronically, speeding payment processing.

No special software is required everything is in a web browser.

Independent of your existing method of transcription works with what you are doing now or opens additional possibilities for the future.

Available as a complete system or via a variety of subscription plans.

Access and retrieve patient documents with just one click.

Instantly transmit billing and admin-istrative information securely over the internet.

Instantly and securely deliver clinical information to wherever it is needed.

Instantly and securely receive needed documents and information from anyone or anywhere.

All information sent via the internet is encrypted.

Individual usernames and passwords are required for access to the system.

Audit logging of system activity.

Automatic system logoff.

Allows remote storage of critical information.



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